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Our flexible hosing and rigid tubing deliver fuel gas and conditioned air in residential and commercial buildings.

Gastite Gastite

FlashShield™ Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) supplies natural gas or low-pressure gas to appliances. It utilizes multiple layers of protection and is the only metallically-shielded gas piping on the market. When used with the new patent-pending XR3 Fitting, the FlashShield System has enhanced electrical continuity and is truly the undisputed champion of CSST. Gastite also has available a complete line of polyethylene tubing and accessories for direct burial applications, a mobile app for sizing CSST and a new Online Certification Course for industry professionals. Our products offer contractors and design engineers one-stop shopping for all their fuel gas-piping needs. This is why we say that at Gastite, the System is the Solution. Visit Site

Thermaflex Thermaflex

Thermaflex is a global leader in the flexible duct product industry for both commercial and residential HVAC applications. Founded in 1953, the company has experienced significant growth and now has a team of more than 600 employees that work across four strategically located, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Visit Site

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