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A global leader in creating and adapting fluid management products and quality programs for the aerospace, industrial, and transportation markets.

Titeflex Titeflex Europe

Titeflex is a global leader in creating and adapting fluid management products. Titeflex provides solutions and service for demanding fluid transfer requirements, whether the media is corrosive, caustic or combustible, under extreme pressure, temperature and flexing conditions. The company has a long history of expertise in PTFE extrusion and wire braid reinforcement, flexible fluid management products, rigid tube bending capabilities and unique flex-rigid assemblies. Committed to quality, Titeflex is ISO 9001/AS9100 certified and has received numerous other certifications and accreditations. Visit Site

Titeflex Europe

Established in France since 1976, Titeflex Europe develops, manufactures, inspects and sells a range of PTFE and metal hose assemblies high pressure hose fittings braided hoses PTFE fittings in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia that meet the specification approvals MIL - H, AS, AECMA/PrEN. The principal applications include fuel, hydraulic, manometric, deicing, lubrication, potable water systems, oxygen and all chemical and industrial processing systems. Visit Site

Lewis and Saunders Lewis and Saunders

As the overhaul and repair arm of Titeflex® Aerospace, Lewis & Saunders is a world leader in the repair and overhaul of rigid tubes, manifolds, ducts, as well as repair of flexible hose assemblies used in the aerospace industry. We hold FAA, EASA and CAAC repair station certifications. Visit Site

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