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Flex-Tek heating elements and thermal systems improve the performance of medical and diagnostic equipment as well as that of domestic appliances such as clothes dryers and HVAC equipment.

Tutco Tutco

Tutco can trace its roots back to 1938 with the founding of H. W. Tuttle & Co. The company known today as Tutco Inc. was established in 1994 by Smiths Group, a London FTSE 100 company, to acquire assets of Adams Industries, which had been doing business for some time under the Tutco name. Since then, Tutco has quickly grown into a global leader in the heating component industry. We supply electric resistance heating elements for a broad range of applications, including compressors, clothes dryers, duct heaters, heat pumps, window air conditioners, and vending machines. We are a manufacturer's manufacturer, custom designing and creating products that are highly reliable and that help our customers get to market faster. Whether we're solving a problem with an existing product, adding new features, or inventing a new heating component, Tutco's depth of experience and technology is unparalleled. Innovation is not just a word to us - it's how we do business, one customer at a time.Visit Site

Tutco-Farnam Tutco-Farnam

In 1982, we started this company with one goal in mind. We wanted to offer OEM's a new level of responsiveness, creativity, and efficiency to air and surface heating systems. We knew that by sharing our knowledge and experience we could help OEM's greatly enhance the performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness of their systems and products.

Farnam has always been active in a broad range of industries and heating applications. These diverse markets give us great stability in addition to insights and experience from many fields.

Farnam is frequently the only source for the items we supply, so reliability and responsiveness have always been our core values.

Thanks to creative systems and efficient short run capabilities, we're a very cost effective manufacturer. Our ISO 9001 Quality System is a strong tool that serves Farnam and our customers well.

We've changed and grown. But, what hasn't changed is the reason we began in the first place - to partner with clients and provide them with effective heating element solutions that improve their products.Visit Site


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