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Solutions through Engineering

Flex-Tek is a global provider of engineered components that heat and move fluids and gases for the aerospace, medical, industrial, construction and domestic appliance markets.
Our flexible hosing and rigid tubing provide fluid management for fuel and hydraulic applications on commercial and military aircraft, deliver fuel gas and conditioned air in residential and commercial buildings, and provide respiratory care for medical applications. Flex-Tek heating elements and thermal systems improve the performance of medical and diagnostic equipment as well as that of domestic appliances such as clothes tumble dryers and HVAC equipment.
Principal Operating Regions
Flex-Tek operations are principally located in the US and Mexico with Asian operations located in India, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and European facilities in France and Germany.
We serve mainly aerospace engine and airframe manufacturers, domestic appliance manufacturers and the US construction industry. Large customers include Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, GE Aerospace, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Trane, and Carrier. Our notable distributors in the US construction market include Ferguson and Watsco.
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